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    Stephen Schleicher,
    Major Spoilers

    The Major Spoilers Best of 2006 list

    Robert Murray,
    Comics Bulletin

    "David Schwartz has crafted a slick, involving, emotional tale that is only made better by Sean Wang's awe-inspiring artwork. It's a super-heroic biography that gets it right"

    "After reading MELTDOWN I feel that the comics world is all the better for having David B. Schwartz and Sean Wang in it. These guys are going to be major players in the comics world in the next several years and you read it here first."

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Meltdown Graphic Novel Cover

Meltdown Graphic Novel

$15.00 U.S. / 154 pgs / Color

Collects the highly-acclaimed series and comes loaded with extra features including sketchbook, pinups, creator commentary, and a foreward by Robert Kirkman!

Meltdown Graphic Novel page 114 Meltdown Graphic Novel page 117 Meltdown Graphic Novel page 118 Meltdown Graphic Novel page 126 Meltdown Graphic Novel page 129

Meltdown #1 Cover by Chris Bachalo

Meltdown #1

$6.95 U.S. / 48 pgs / Color

The Flare is burning out. As a superhero whose powers are killing him, can he fix the many mistakes in his botched life AND defeat his archnemesis before time runs out?

Meltdown #1 page 2 Meltdown #1 page 3 Meltdown #1 page 4 Meltdown #1 page 6 Meltdown #1 page 7
  Meltdown #1 page 9 Meltdown #1 pages 24-25 Meltdown #1 page 34 Meltdown #1 page 35

Meltdown #2 Cover by Greg Horn

Meltdown #2

$6.95 U.S. / 48 pgs / Color

On the verge of a complete mental and physical burnout, can The Flare keep it together for one last act of heroism or will he go out in a blaze of glory?

Meltdown #2 page 1 Meltdown #2 page 2 Meltdown #2 page 4 Meltdown #2 page 8 Meltdown #2 page 11
  Meltdown #2 pages 22-23 Meltdown #2 page 25 Meltdown #2 page 30 Meltdown #2 page 31