Series Introduction
01 Bad Goods
02 The Big Snow Job
Misc Art
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Articles on Runners: Bad Goods

"Creating the Runners graphic novel" on Pulse
Covers everything from tweaking the art to choosing the paper stock.

Keeping the Runners Running on Broken Frontier
I recently wrote a series of articles for Broken Frontier about my creative process in developing Runners. It covers everything from how I first settled on the series concept of alien smugglers to the visual look of the series to the actual comic process itself. The article was posted in 3 parts on Broken Frontier and below are the links to each article:

"Creating the Runners graphic novel" an intervew by Ryan McLelland, Newsarama
"It's quite easy to say that Runners is one the most entertaining comic books on shelves today. The story, humor, and artwork of Sean Wang places him in a league of his own amongst his rivals in the independent comic book market." -- Ryan McLelland

Marc Thibodeau Interviews 'Runners' Creator Sean Wang on Toon Zone
Q&A about my history and Runners

A Conversation With Sean Wang on Slush Factory
Derek Handley interviewed with me about my work on Runners. The interview covers what I have planned for the series and the characters as well as my work on the Tick books.

Sean Wang: Tick and Runners on Pulse
An interview with me about my work on Runners and the Tick comics. The Q&A covers a lot, ranging from what I have planned for the Runners series to what I thought of the Tick live action TV show. It's a fun read.