Series Introduction
01 Bad Goods
02 The Big Snow Job
Misc Art
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Reviews for Runners: Bad Goods

Top 5 of 2005 List
-- Keith Dallas, Comics Bulletin. Read Keith's 2005 list.

Best of 2005 List, category of Best Original Graphic Novels/Trade Paperbacks
-- Buzzscope (now

"Like the early issues of Bone, Runners: Bad Goods is a fun, exciting romp with the promise of much bigger things to come. It really could be the next big thing."
-- Blake M. Petit, Read the full review.

"Remember when Star Wars didn't suck? Remember when Star Trek was a bunch of guys spanning the spaceways kicking ass instead of acting all stuffy for an hour talking about the Federation? Remember when there were no midichlorians, peaceful Klingons, or Mexican jumping Yodas? Remember when space adventure was fun and not just plain stupid??? Well Sean Wang does"
-- Indie Jones, Ain't It Cool. Read the full review.

"Sean Wang's Runners is...a book that is superior in both writing and art to virtually everything on the market today."
-- Dan Head, Paperback Reader. Read the full review.

5 out of 5 stars: "Runners, simply put, just works on every level. Not only is it a fun read, but the artwork is skillful and consistent, the pacing shows a good understanding of the medium, and the characters are alive, three- dimensional, and believable."
-- Matt Rawson, Comic Critique. Read the full review.

9 out of 10 stars from Rebecca Buchanan, Sequential Tart. Read the full review. recommends Runners! Read the recommendation.

"Wang showcases a real talent for comedic timing in comic storytelling that creates situations both genuinely funny and dramatic. It's wonderful to see a creator who can balance both the surface elements of a genre story while adding something more underneath. Wang creates some of the most exciting sci-fi comics seen in a while with Runners."
-- Ian Brill, Comic Book Galaxy. Read the full review.

Highlights from Ain't It Cool: "a surprise worth discovering", "a rousing, space opera comic in the tradition of the O.G. Star Wars and Joss Whedon's rip-roaring FIREFLY", "RUNNERS is pure, unpretentious fun", "we get some of the best space-based chase and dogfight sequences I've ever seen in a comic"
-- Dave Farabee, Ain't It Cool. Read the full review.

"Fantastic artwork, an imaginative space opera setting and some of the best action I've read in comics this year, all tied to a great cast of characters, makes Runners a treat... Runners: Bad Goods is like a master class in how to do adventure fiction well."
-- Randy Lander, The 4th Rail. Read the full review.

Bob Agamemnon and Keith Dallas from Comics Bulletin give Runners 4 bullets: "The word is 'scifi-geektastic!'" Read the full review.

"Combining the flavor of the Star Wars cantina scene with the best elements of every 'on the lamb from the man' movie you've ever seen, Runners scratches the space opera itch quite nicely."
-- Mike Bullock, Read the full review.