Series Introduction
01 Bad Goods
02 The Big Snow Job
Misc Art
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Articles on Runners: The Big Snow Job

From Spoooon! to Space Pirates, an interview by Rebecca Buchanan, Sequential Tart
From interviewer Rebecca Buchanan: "I was first introduced to Sean Wang's sci fi adventure, Runners, about three years ago. The manager at the comic shop where I worked talked it up. "If you like Firefly, you'll love it!" Sadly, he was right. I did love it. I started talking Runners up every chance I got. So, when I saw the solicitation for the new Runners miniseries in Previews, I kinda made a fool of myself. I was able to calm down long enough to ask Wang for an interview. He took pity on me." Check out the full interview.

11-page Preview of Runners: The Big Snow Job on Newsarama
Newsarama has posted 11 preview pages from the first issue! Check out the preview pages.

"Sean Wang's Runners Returns" an intervew by Jen Contino, Pulse
"Wang's Runners is joining the line-up of Archaia Studios Press. A new adventure, Runners: The Big Snow Job # 1 is due in stores this Summer. We've got Wang here now to talk about Roka Nostaco and the crew of the Khoruysa Brimia."

New title showcase for Archaia Studios Press - Runners: The Big Snow Job on Newsarama
The first major announcement and preview for Runners: The Big Snow Job!